About Celestine Wilson-Hughes

Celestine Wilson-Hughes

Born in 1948 Brooklyn, New York, Celestine Wilson-Hughes began her career into the art world as a self-taught artist. Her path into the stain glass medium began when she took a class at a local shop. As she says, “when I walked through the door of the shop I knew I had finally found my medium, or it had found me.”

Beginning in 2001, she developed and redefined an independent visual and conceptual vocabulary into sculptural two and three dimensional works that have become known as her own signature in the glass medium. Presently, she is an invited artist with the 40th Street A.I.R. project, located in Philadephia, PA. Her work is in private collections and has been seen in numerous exhibitions, galleries and museums. Currently she can be heard on a podcast by PhiladelphiaArtBlog.


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